Expecting photo session is for those who know the value of time and nice moments in expecting a baby.Pregnancy is one of the most important periods in life of every woman. It is full of changes which you can and should perpetuate. Expecting photo session is best in the period between 7 to 9 months of pregnancy.
NEWBORN photo session. Your kid changes quickly and irreversibly. The purpose of the photo session is to capture a short and fleeting moment when the child is perfectly placed in fetal position as in mother’s womb, and sleeps a lot ... The best time for such photo session is up to 10 days after birth.CILDREN`S photo session. The first smile, the first handshake, the first steps.... Each of us has children's pictures. No matter what your children’s age, this is their life, development and story. Every moment is memorable in the life of your child.FAMILY PHOTO SESSION in studio or outdoors. Family photo sessions are available in studio, at the open air, at your home or place of celebration or holiday. Family photo session is a great remembrance in the life of every family. Family photo session can also be a good gift for grandparents, parents and other relatives.
BAPTISM PHOTO SESSION is memorable reportage photography of baptism ceremony involving children, parents and godparents. It allows capturing all the important moments of preparation, baptism ceremony and party. Tips for parents and godparents.
Holy Communion is a memorable photography.
First Communion is an important event in the life of every person and family.
FAMILY HOLIDAYS. Photography of such holidays as birthdays, name day, baby birthday, anniversary...
YOUR FAMILY HOLIDAY IS APPROACHING - you need a photographer who will make beautiful photos on this day? If you're interested, you can make use of my services.